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Change Your Mind - Change Your Life
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Everyone has times in their lives when they struggle; many of us feel that we cannot admit this to others, and oftentimes we may not even be prepared to admit it to ourselves.
Acknowledging that you need help or support does not mean that you are weak, or self-indulgent, it means that you are ready to make changes and begin to take control of your life.
Many of us are aware that the ways in which we think, feel and behave today are influenced by our past experiences and relationships. The likelihood is that your current attitudes and beliefs about the world and yourself, and your related emotions and behaviours, are a consequence of earlier experiences and the memories you have about these experiences. Many of us can spend a lot of our time regretting and re-playing past experiences, both large and small, and imagining or predicting future interactions or problems based upon these.
Can you relate to any of the following?
Negative emotions and stress just seem to effect your life, and you have no control over the way they make you feel.
The same things keep going wrong for you.
Unhelpful patterns of behaviour have a tendency to recur, either in yourself, or in others – or a variety of different people or relationships keep triggering similar negative feelings and emotions in you.
You are aware that your past in some way influences your present, and is likely to continue to influence your future, but you’re not sure how to change this.
You keep trying really hard to change negative patterns of behaviour, yet find yourself slipping back into old, familiar ways.
You find your efforts paying off, and your life improving, but then find yourself sabotaging the progress you have made.
You have done lots of self-improvement work, gaining awareness and understanding of your processes and patterns, yet the most important changes still elude you.
The chances are that you still hold within you, and continue to be influenced by, emotions, attitudes and beliefs resulting from past events and experiences. Many of these you will be aware of, but others may be operating outside of your conscious awareness.
It is only by facing up to and addressing our past, that we can truly free ourselves from it’s present day influences and reach our full potential.
This is not an easy journey for some of us, and it can oftentimes feel easier to remain where we are, but if you are committed to making changes in your life, I am committed to supporting you with these.
I can’t solve your problems. But I can help you to find your own solutions.
Sometimes all that may be needed in order for us to change the way we hold and represent a past event within our mind may be a ‘re-framing’ of the incident from an adult’s perspective. For example, as a child we may have felt we were punished by an angry parent because we were bad, but from an adults perspective we are able to see that our parent reacted out of fear for our safety when we had unknowingly behaved in a way that put us at risk.
Alternatively, it may be that we are being triggered in to feeling or acting in particular ways for reasons that we are not really consciously aware of; if this is the case then bringing in to consciousness something that is currently unconscious can be all that is needed to effect a change. Counselling is able to help us with both of these type of changes.

However, you might not like the idea of talking about some of your past experiences, or you may have already done so with a counsellor previously and feel that this just didn’t help, or that you just don’t want to go there again. When memories have strong emotions and beliefs attached to them then we may benefit more from releasing these and making changes to the memory itself, and Faster EFT gives us the skills to do this in a whole new way. 
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