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More about Faster EFT
Faster EFT

The past is over – it no longer exists.
Current convention teaches us that we cannot change the past, and we just have to come to terms with (or deny, or try to bury) the negative memories and emotions that we have as a result.
However, Faster EFT teaches us that the way we act and experience life now is based not on our past, but on the way we hold and represent that past within our own minds.
With this latest amazingly powerful self-improvement technique, you can learn how to clear the emotional intensity associated with negative memories of the past, transform the way you represent and experience these memories internally, and free yourself from past negative influences. You can learn this simple technique in your first session with a Faster-EFT practitioner (or for free on Robert Smith’s You Tube Healing Magic channel), and will immediately see and feel the difference this can make to the way you perceive and experience past memories and their related emotions and feelings.
Faster EFT recognises the mind body connection, and this same technique can be used with oftentimes dramatic effect, to address physical and health-related issues. 
Once you have mastered the technique you are free to change how you represent your past, leaving you open to new possibilities for your future.
This is not a traditional ‘talking therapy’; you will not be expected to talk in detail about your past experiences; in fact it is possible to work totally ‘content free’, without the client giving any details at all about the issue they wish to address. Changes made can be fast, deep and permanent.
What exactly is Faster EFT?
Faster EFT is a synthesis of the most cutting-edge personal change techniques in the world today, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), BSFF (Be Set Free Fast), Ho-oponopono and hypnosis.
It works on energy meridians, based on Chinese acupressure; by lightly tapping with your fingers on various acupressure points on the face and body, alternated with briefly focusing on and aiming at specific thoughts and feelings, the conscious and unconscious minds work together to quickly and easily discharge and release unresourceful emotions, feelings, traumas and stresses.
Although appearing similar to traditional EFT, because Faster EFT incorporates NLP, it offers an understanding of the way our minds work that was previously absent. This understanding means that we are empowered to take charge consciously of what happens within our own minds; it puts us in the driving seat, rather than leaving us feeling like passengers of our unconscious minds.

If you would you like to learn……
…..how your mind actually works.
….what it is that is happening inside of yourself to create the negative emotions, feelings and thoughts you experience.
….how to take conscious control of this.
….how to produce something much better than you are currently experiencing.
…then Faster EFT is for you.
Please see below for details on session prices, and booking. If you would like to find out more about the Faster EFT belief system, and how changes are made, then please click at the top click here.
Faster EFT sessions
I work with clients both face to face, and via the phone and skype, and prices vary accordingly. I have rooms I work from in the CB1 and CB4 areas of Cambridge, and the CB8 area of Newmarket in Suffolk.
An initial session lasts two hours, and in this session I aim to teach clients how to tap for themselves, as well as giving them the opportunity to experience the types of changes they can create with tapping. This session is half price and costs £37.50 face to face, and £32.50 by phone or skype.
Further sessions last either an hour and three quarters, or an hour, depending on client preference. I recommend the former, as this seems to be both more productive and economical.
The price for an hour and three quarters is £75 face to face (£65 by phone or skype) and for an hour is £40 face to face (£35 by phone or skype)
Qualifications and experience
Having begun studying EFT several years ago with original Founding Master Practitioners Gwyneth Moss, Sue Beer and Emma Roberts, and NLP with Sue and Emma as part of the Diploma in iET (Integrated Energy Techniques) I have moved on to study Faster EFT with it’s creator Robert G Smith, and am currently a Level 3 Practitioner.
I work with clients with a variety of issues (in particular PTSD, adult sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse) both face to face and over skype, and have been surprised to discover that this technique works equally well in either modality.

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